Friday, 29 January 2016

Stuffed Poussins - مرغ شکم پر -Morgh-e Shekam-Por

It has been ages since my last post, I know.  I am not falling out of love with blogging but I am partly busy with activities once I thought I would not enjoy at all and partly the thought of more and more people reading this blog and getting to know the voices in my head that makes writing a blog post a very daunting task.  It seems these days, I am more happier working than sitting down writing a blog post really.  Although, my cooking style has not changed at all but over the years, I have suddenly realised what changed.  There is always a voice in my head that tells me what to do, just like a repeated song that I know the lyrics to... it keeps getting repeated... the lighting, the f stop, etc...

Although, I know very well that my photography is no where near perfection which is due to a simple fact that I don't do post production and don't use the correct gear but last week, after roasting a couple of poussins, that voice wasn't there anymore. I stood on a chair in the kitchen, placed the heavy frying pan on the kitchen bench and closed the blinds.  There I was, facing cooked meat, which was an impossible task a year ago suddenly felt like a walk in the park for me.  There were no voices and it didn't take long before I knew at least one photo in my camera was a good one. That moment was a priceless moment.  A few years ago, I set myself a task of taking decent photos but to everyone's surprise, I didn't want to be a professional photographer.  I simply wanted to learn the basics and comfortably take a good photo because photography is not my passion which is why this journey was a long painful journey. I have ticked the box!  Yay, time to celebrate and work on a new challenge.

Talking of challenges, life gives us challenges whether we like it or not and sometimes we go through it feeling like we've just conquered the world and sometimes it can be hard but there are some of us that aren't satisfied with life's challenges and set ourselves extra challenges and I often ask myself why?. Why do we need to constantly learn? Why do we need a new hobby? Why does someone have to come first in a marathon?  I guess life would be boring without some of these skills we are dying to master but why some of us more than others?  I don't know the answer but it feels great, actually beyond words can even describe, the feeling of achievement.  I get this feeling when I shower with my soap every morning xx


  1. where is the recipe?

    1. We haven't got a recipe written down yet! But will try our best tho.