Saturday, 3 October 2015

Persian Cress

A very uneventful week was all I needed after my previous week!  I decided to walk down to the beach this morning.  The 8 kms return trip was very rewarding in the end.  The Sunday market was on and I, not being a market person, decided to go for a browse. I managed to find a stall this morning with probably the best sales man I have ever encountered.  He knew where his stuff actually came from, and gave me the look of death when I tried to bargain down a Devonshire Pottery mug.  I knew too well about Devonshire Pottry but decided to pretend I was ignorant.  In the end, I decided to try my luck one more time on an English knife and Scandinavian cookie cutters and not only he accepted half what he asked for but pulled out an 80 year old English plate from his stash for me to have a look at it.  He didn't take his hands off the plate though!  I think I may have found my go to stall for all things vintage tableware.

Back at home, the garden is going strong and we have picked a basket full of Persian Cress (shahi, شاهی or tartizak, ترتیزک) - strong peppery soft leaves perfect for salads.  I made a salad last year with it and got asked many times about it. You can't buy them here unless you know a Persian who grows these!

Below is another photo of a very mature cress (about to seed).

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