Saturday, 24 October 2015

Broad Beans

Ah, the much needed long weekend is finally here and as usual I planned way too many activities for this weekend ... I just got back from a week in Queenstown so, I am still in a holiday mode.  I've managed to make raw cashew and raspberry truffles which is super delicious and have started making numerous salads.  Follow me on Instagram to see my food journey if you haven't done it yet. 

Legumes, I cannot say much about them!  They are not my favorite food group to eat, however if anyone is willing to cook with them for me I'll happily eat whatever is in front of me :) It is the season for fresh broad beans so best to make an effort to cook with fresh broad beans as they have a much better flavour and texture than frozen ones.

Broad beans are one of those beans that can be simply boiled, seasoned and enjoyed, but if you are after something requiring more work then add some dill and broad beans to your rice for a fragrant dish that can be enjoyed with chicken or lamb.  I have cooked some fresh broad beans in a little water and seasoned with some Persian hogwood, salt and lemon juice for an afternoon snack.  This is not a meal but something very nutritious you can enjoy on long spring afternoons!

Here is a photo I took in Fiordland National Park.  I am not a landscape or a travel photographer and really don't enjoy carrying a camera with me but this view was worth it ... I waited for a few minutes for the duck to do its thing, took a few shots before seeing the tree above and heard my heart palpitating as a thin layer of rain covered my lens. I have never sprinted so fast in my life for cover!

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