Saturday, 12 September 2015

Roasted Beetroot and Feta Salad

I don't have an exciting post for you this time other than my favourite combination of beetroot, feta and walnut.  Beetroot and feta is an explosion of edgy and bald flavours.  If you are a food blogger yourself, you know very well that the world of food blogging is not as glamorous as it seems! There's the planning, shopping, cooking and the few minutes you get to take a photo but only to realise that none of your photos are half decent! To take the pressure of disappointing myself at the end of a 4 hour blogging work, I went for an easy option - as salads are photogenic and half the hard work is done! 

I'm loving beetroot at the moment and its not everyday you can find golden beetroots in the supermarket. Golden beetroot is not as earthy as the ordinary ones but it sure adds another colour to your plate.  Autumn is long gone but if you enjoy the fresh taste of autumn walnuts then you can soak them in water overnight and use them in salads which is what I've done here. 

Spring is great for fresh produce and if you are lucky enough to have a well looked after veggie garden then hand picking some fresh herbs and crispy salad leaves from your backyard is a better option than a trip to the supermarket. Lettuce, parsley, chives and mint are currently growing in abundance in our backyard and soon we should have broadbeans and Persian cress  which I'm very excited about.  Did I say I went for an easy option?!?! Chopping and roasting beetroot is no hard task and neither is picking greens and washing them! Next, roughly chop herbs and let's assemble the salad.  If you rather do a Jamie Oliver and get your hands dirty then go ahead, but I prefer the more delicate and classy way of layering the salad components and going for a simple and effortless look.  The dressing? Go with a balsamic vinegarette with a little maple syrup to sweeten it.  

There are many versions of this salad and no matter if you choose feta or goats cheese or another creamy cheese, you'll still end up making an amazing salad.  I don't enjoy cooking with a recipe in front of me - I suggest you go with what you think will work .... Create and live a little, and if its a disaster, try something new! 

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