Thursday, 31 January 2013

Roasted&Salted Sunflower Seeds - Tokhmeh - تخمه

Eating sunflower seeds by cracking the hull with teeth is a past time favourite.  On long winter months, this is a popular habit in Iran.  After dinner, the whole family used to eat seeds such as; pumpkin seeds, watermelon or sunflower seeds. I vaguely remember buying warm freshly roasted seeds wrapped in newspaper from a local dried fruits and nuts store 'khoshkbar foroshee'.  This type of store specialises in nuts, seeds, dried fruits and other cooking specialities such as dried orange peel for Jewelled rice, dried morello cherries, etc... Usually, it is the sort of store you would pop in and out, but there were long queues just before Naw Ruz for everyone to stock up on their Ajil (mixture of nuts), similar to the Christmas mad rush. 

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